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The Gurukul Club : Acting, Yoga, Dance, Music… An unforgettable experience!

We initially went to India to expand the company MASON EWING CORP in the world by opening a new subsidiary. At the same time we went to support an orphanage in Navi-Mumbai (discover the last article on this subject). But this trip has been the vehicle for other fabulous experiences… Among the most rewarding, my meeting with the Gurukul Club team…

Harmonious meeting with the speaker & entrepreneur Sanjay Jadeja

During my trip, I had the opportunity to film from the roof of a particularly well-placed building in the centre of Navi Mumbai. The one who generously gave me access to the spot was Sajay Jadeja, an unstoppable entrepreneur and founder of the Youth Unstoppable community.

Through hard work, he proved himself until convincing an investor to open his thriving business. It is in an exceptional setting that he manages a valiant team for which sharing and positivity are the watchwords. The company he founded is the Gurukul Club. Various artistic fields are taught in rooms on the different floors of the building. They teach acting, dance, music, yoga…

Sanjay is a passionate speaker who gives himself the means to succeed. The sharing is one of the central values of his philosophy, I had a lot of pleasure to exchange with him on many subjects that led me to discover his incredible openness of mind.

I invite you to visit his website and follow him on the various social networks.

Audiovisual sharing with Parimal

The one who leads the audiovisual department of this business is Parimal Solanki. Parimal is a cinema lover, he works mainly in directing and post-production. I immediately hooked up with him, and we exchanged a lot on several technical aspects, I was able to share some tricks on editing, colorimetry then I explained the different features on the cinema cameras, and the reasons that make them much more expensive than a DSLR (fair value).

For his part, I discovered his own artistic vision on framing, editing, cinematographic plans… I was able to see on his instagram that he even opened a class to teach his passion to the youngest, great!

Parimal has a wonderful background, in fact, he was able to work for many big American production such as Games of Thrones through Indian company in the 3D and special effects department. I invite you to follow him on his YouTube channel and his social networks.

Opening of the Yoga Class & Actor Tip

Sanjay invited me to some events such as the opening of the Yoga Class masterfully orchestrated by Dilesh Telwane. Dilesh is a yoga teacher, he teaches yoga in different ways: aerial yoga, yoga therapy, yoga in music…

I had the good fortune of being able to practice private lessons with him where he taught me powerful meditation methods as well as yoga exercises adapted to my novice level. Meditation can be very effective for personal development when it is adopted with an open mind.

I came out incredibly sooth from his classes, I made a direct link with acting: meditation is an incredible way to make the emptiness in our head. When we have to play a character, it is essential to make a transition between us and the character we took care to build. Emptying our mind helps us to forget ourselves and restart to the foundations of the character we must incarnate… Meditation will help you to make that transition quickly with practice. It is also a powerful way to reconnect with our feelings and sensibilities… I strongly advise you to try it, there is only positive to gain!

Find Dilesh Telwane on instagram and Facebook!

Dilesh taught me the Bakasana.

An unexpected birthday, dance and Indian music

It’s wonderful to travel and discover different cultures… I had the great privilege of meeting this team in India.

Sanjay called me one day and said, “Milan, you have to come in an hour! Try to free yourself, you have to be there, it would really make me happy! …”

He did not tell me exactly what it was about. I had just finished eating so I organized myself to see what it was about.

He was right to insist, because he knew that my open-mindedness led me to discover and experience moments like the one that awaited me.

Ankana Kirtania’s birthday as a member of the Gurukul Club! It was a great opportunity to discover traditional Indian dances! During this event, the atmosphere was magical: joy, sharing, laughter, love, dance…

I vainly tried to follow the traditional dances but no matter, I had a blast. Difficult to be in a bad mood there: no judgements, events are shared through a harmonious community… I should still consider taking some dance classes… Maybe next time at the Gurukul Club!

Interview in India for Youth Unstoppable

The vibes were so good that Sanjay proposed me an interview, in fact he made a lot of video source of inspiration for his community Youth Unstoppable. I obviously accepted with pleasure despite my approximate English, I never miss a nice opportunity. Even less if it can help to improve my English…

Here is the complete interview:

Stop 2 Dream : More than Dreaming !  #S2D

I miss Sanjay and the Gurkul Club. So we will continue to work together in the future. Our first joint project is called Stop 2 Dream: More than Dreaming. We will start projects to gather ambitious members. Anyone who has an open mind and understands that learning is infinite will be welcome.

At present, each of us has a lot to do. But we will find the time to start this project that is particularly important to us. Business to follow…

Milan Ewing

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