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Mason Ewing Corp in India / Orphanage supported by SOS Madison international

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Mason Ewing Unlimited

Our team travelled to India on April 15th in order to expand society around the world. We were mainly in Navi Mumbai (Bombay). The objectives have been achieved because we are opening the new Indian subsidiary of the company : MASON EWING UNLIMITED INDIA. Mason had some very interesting appointments and negotiations are underway to work with India in the fashion and film industry. Indeed, the textile industry is really developed in India. As for Bollywood, beyond being one of the most prolific industry, it enjoys a very good reputation in the animation industry. Many American studios (among others) collaborate with Indian animation studios. We were able to make some sightings, and we found some great spots to film on the Indian roofs.

Milan Ewing on the roofs of Navi-Mumbai
Milan Ewing on the roofs of Navi-Mumbai

A source of inspiration

Although I stayed only in Bombay, I contemplated a variety of breathtaking landscapes. I think it is important to be sensitive to everything around us. Admiring a landscape, listening deeply to the immensity of the country, observing a slum or admiring a place of worship… There’s really something to vibrate about.

India should probably become the most populous country in the world within a few years. Although I was not there to do tourism, I was able to spend unforgettable moments of sharing and joy. I was particularly impressed by the goodness of the Indians. They are very sociable and like to share. Of course no one is perfect and there are shadows on the Board, among others a great lack of consideration towards disability… It is in particular the authorities that appear to be robotically intolerant. It is surely accentuated by the contrast with an incredibly warm people.

Milan Ewing on the roofs of Navi-Mumbai
Milan Ewing on the roofs of Navi-Mumbai

Rays of hope orphanage and SOS MADISON INTERNATIONAL

During our stay in India, we visited the rays of hope orphanage. Through our humanitarian association SOS MADISON INERNATIONAL, we have made a humble donation, and we invite everyone to do the same.

Launched by a group of mothers wishing to teach their children the importance of making and serving others, rays of hope began in 2006 with a group of children who served in popular soups and sang in retirement homes during the festivities of Christmas. Annual volunteers have been a way to expose children to people of different socioeconomic backgrounds and generations. As children grew, they recognized the need to broaden the scope and frequency of their activities and to invite other youth from the community to participate.

SOS Madison international & rays of hope
SOS MADISON INTERNATIONAL supports rays of hope

Today rays of hope is quite developed and opened 5 centers in Bombay. Each facility has been specifically allocated to help:

  • Children from prostitution networks
  • Children with HIV & STD
  • Children coming from the street
  • Hospitalized children
  • Older people coming from the street

Humanly speaking, it was incredibly wealthy. But really disconcerting! The look does not deceive and on each face one could read a different story. A little girl about 5 years has deeply marked me. She was very quiet, while the others were having fun she was looking seriously. She had an incredibly representative look at her experience. I felt like I was seeing an adult in the body of a little girl. And I’m not mistaken: afterwards I learned that we stole the childhood of this small, we stole her smile, her innocence… By forcing her to prostitute herself……. Needless to enter more details, but I would never forget those few moments when I watched this girl, her face will remain engraved in my head and I thank rays of hope and all the organizations that fight for those children to rebuild on good bases. Because sometimes the way to find the smile that they have to steal is infinitely long !

For me, it’s a pride to engage with SOS MADISON INTERNATIONAL. Our Association helps children that are beaten, orphans, people with disabilities… You can discover our latest initiative to support a school in Cameroon.

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