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SOS Madison international / Found raising for a school in Cameroon

School supplies, clothing, computers, furniture, games… Donations were collected for a school and a orphanage in Cameroon.

> Donations for a school and an orphanage in Cameroon

To Yaounde, the Faculty of the school of Emana struggles with the daily. Their goal is to improve the educational quality for Students.

Our goals to promote youth education:

  • Collect school supplies so that students and teachers can evolve effectively.
  • Gather elementary school toys, board games, games playful and educational. These games will be available to students.
  • Collect books of all kinds (French or English), so that the Library of the establishment, until now empty, can finally to exist.
  • Make computers available for students to do their first practical work in computer science.
  • Provide additional tables and chairs due to the increase in the number of students.
  • Create correspondence between Cameroonian pupils and French pupils.
  • Buy books specifically to the Cameroonian educational program with different school levels.

By these intermediaries, the school will be welcoming and attractive. Opening up new perspectives, they will be able to develop a comfortable self-sufficiency so that the institution can continue the education cycle independently.

We are very sensitive to this distress and to the way of living conditions of the orphans.

It is touching to see their know-how and their solidarity. In an orphanage, they form binomials. Each elder sponsors the younger. This mutual assistance is their daily life. It boils down to work for surviving… To help them, it is enough to bring them food, clothes. We also invite you to think about the sponsorship, see even adoption. All these children dream of a best future…

> Origin of the project

Initially left for the spotting of the feature film Thunderbolt in YAOUNDÉ, Mason Ewing producer of the film as well as the actors, Baba wild and Milan Ewing were invited to visit the school of Emana in Cameroon. All them are committed to the SOS MADISON INTERNATIONAL humanitarian foundation. They were greeted by students and teachers in the most beautiful ways. There were joy, laughter, singing. It was a great honor. In parallel with this moment of happiness, we noticed the precarious situation, the lack of school supplies, the absence of books, the absence of computers, the overstaffing of pupils (800) for a sub-workforce of teachers (7). It makes you think about seeing all these kids. Behind these smiles, a difficult daily hides: inadequate food, lack of money… Insecurity is bigger in many areas such as motorbike transportation with many children.

Yet all these children are happy to come to school to study and regain their Buddies. We exchanged with the smaller ones as the greatest. Their essential wish is to succeed in school and get a diploma for a better future.

As a result, our main objective is to improve their working conditions. These children must be actors in their lives. Our goal is to promote the educational and health level.

We subsequently decided that all donations that do not fall within the school framework will be given to the benefit of an orphanage in Yaoundé (Le Bon Berger) with whom we are in contact.

> Fundraising objective

 If the objective is achieved, the money collected will be used mainly for the transport of donations to Yaoundé, Cameroon:

  • €2600 for shipping and renting a container of 40 feet
  • 1300 € for land transport (France: from the storage place to the port.  <===>Cameroon: from the port of Douala to the school of</===> Yaoun[exigence de livraison non conventionnelle : accès restreint]dé
  • 1600 € for additional charges (customs taxes, insurance for goods, handling, packaging, transport of members)

We hope to achieve this goal before the start of the school year (September) so that the children can benefit from it at the beginning.
Beyond the initial target set at €5000, the money will be used to buy local food (rice bag) in large quantities for the orphanage. Another part will be used to finance the purchase of books specific to the Cameroonian educational programme, for different school levels.

> The stakeholders in the project

Today, hundreds donors have been involved in this project. Each volunteer of the association has been able to get involved in disseminating information. Donations have been gathered throughout France. It is a great pride for us to be supported by 3 establishments:

  • Martial Coulrasseau, Director of La présentation de Marie was particularly touched by the situation of children in Cameroon. He offered many tables and chairs so that there were no more children on the ground because of the overmanning of Emana school. Laura Dufourd (CPE) and Marylline Roullier (Teacher) mobilized. Delegates from each class set up several strategies to disseminate information. Their efficacy has borne fruit. Lots of students, parents of learners and professors have generously participated in the collection.

  • Magali Martinez, Deputy Director of the Jeanne d’Arc institution, seconded by the Director Céline Delamotte and the teacher Eve Roux, decided to commit. A class was chosen to represent the project and promote it to the rest of the students and Teachers. Collections will be put into place at upcoming events. Our goals have caught their attention. A video is planned to exchange with the students of Emana.
  • ISCOM officials immediately responded favourably when they were solicited. They have decided to give computers that will be able to have a new life in Emana. Indeed, it was already present, but the students did not have computers to practice. It will be very beneficial for them and they will be able to keep going with their learning.

By realizing a different reality, French students have become aware of their ease of access to teaching and learning spaces. Today, the will of these pupils is to help other children, to be able to correspond with them and perhaps one day to meet them…

> How to give to the association?

You can donate to our Association via this donation form.

For all material donations, you can contact us at or on our Helloasso page.

small Reminder: your donations are tax-deductible at 66% for individuals (for a donation of €100, you benefit from a tax reduction of €66), and 60% for businesses. To do this, simply request a tax receipt.

We want to thank all those who will participate in this crowdfunding, all those who have participated and also all those who will continue to participating in the collection. Many of you have supported our initiative until today and your good works will benefit these children. Today, looking at the donation inventory, we hope a very promising outcome for the young people of Cameroon.

A thousand good waves, SOS MADISON INTERNATIONAL.

Collecte pour l'école d'Emana (Cameroun)

Collecte pour l'école d'Emana (Cameroun)

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