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Mason Ewing Corp in India / Orphanage supported by SOS Madison international

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Mason Ewing Unlimited Our team travelled to India on April 15th in order to expand society around the world. We were mainly in Navi Mumbai (Bombay). The objectives have been achieved because we are opening the new Indian subsidiary of the company : MASON EWING UNLIMITED INDIA. Mason had some very interesting appointments and negotiations […]

Set Tone and Atmosphere by Mastering the Establishing Shot

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Establishing shots should be subtle, not only communicating location in time and space but also setting the tone for the story about to take place. Each types of camera shots is unique. It is important for a filmmaker to learn about their specificities and how they affect storytelling. How did establishing shots develop, and what […]

SOS Madison international / Found raising for a school in Cameroon

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School supplies, clothing, computers, furniture, games… Donations were collected for a school and a orphanage in Cameroon. > Donations for a school and an orphanage in Cameroon To Yaounde, the Faculty of the school of Emana struggles with the daily. Their goal is to improve the educational quality for Students. Our goals to promote youth […]