Milan Ewing et ses amis à Douala

I am Milan Ewing, born June 3, 1996 in Ambilly. Engaged in the seventh art, it is as actor, double and administrator of the holding MASON EWING CORPORATION that I develop.

It is after years in sport-study, that I enter early in the working life by training myself in various sectors as an acting. With little fire in the vices, it is in Chambéry that I pass by revealing my talents as an actor. I go to Île-de-France to join my brother, the stylist and the impaired producer: Mason Ewing.

My acting career started in 2015 when I got my first role for the pilot of a series. I enter then I evolve in MASON EWING CORP., until I sit on the board of directors. By practicing in various post-production sectors to develop my artistic vision, I am forced to note that my passion is vast. I discover the incredible work behind every trade and I understand that the impact of the seventh art can be profound and subtle when one seeks to neglect any detail. My status allows me to travel, I feed on various cultures and different know-how. I taste everything that is available to me to sharpen my critical mind. In 2017 I turn in the short film The most beautiful gift of my mother alongside Firmine Richard and Valentin Byls.

I then won a first role for the feature film Thunderbolt in Yaoundé where I share the plateau with African talents such as Hortavie Mpondo, Blanche Bilongo, Stéphane Tang or Martin Poulibé. During a trip to Cameroon for the pre-production of the film, I pledge to support a school and an orphanage as a volunteer for the humanitarian association SOS MADISON INTERNATIONAL.

The shadow areas of my past have brought me a lot mentally. After several challenges, I quickly realized that failure does not exist, I distinguish victory or learning. Life constantly puts us to the test so I try to always see the positive aspect. It is all a question of mindset and character. My brother Mason is a living example that proves that the worst stages of our lives can be vector from the deepest learning and make us stronger than ever. The biggest difficulty is to overcome the ease: lower your arms.

I’m constantly looking for my discomfort zone. Provoke change, accept and understand different viewpoints in order to visualize each possibility. I am looking for new inspirations, innovations, I explore in order to achieve my goals:

  • Pushing the boundaries of personal development, regaining my child’s vulnerability to perform in the acting
  • Increase my audiovisual versatility to make my own works.
  • Evolve within Mason Ewing Corp., broaden my skills and forge my credibility in the business world.