Together, let's share the 7th Art

Passionate by cinemas, artists, actors, photographers, editors, technicians … My friends, I created this site for you!

All those who find themselves on this site know it, the audiovisual is an ultra-closed world! I think that the first thing to do, in addition to working dedicatedly in his artistic sector, is to develop his network in this industry. We are a big family, so we must be more supportive than rival. In life you have to make mistakes to move forward … But the better you surround yourself and the better you feel. Therefore, the administration undertakes to check all the profiles and banish as soon as possible reported accounts … In these conditions you will enjoy a mutual help and a useful networking.

The Blog

Discover articles of the category Seventh Art and those regarding the news of our company.

In the blog we share various articles distributed in 6 main categories:

You can discover original articles from our members or articles from other bloggers, youtubers, etc.
Anyone can propose us an article, a video, a tutorial for a software… The approached subject must be completely mastered, of good quality and it must be source of interest for our big 7th Art’s family. We share every article by crediting the name of the author and his social networks.
As long as the conditions are respected, we will have the pleasure of putting the fruit of your work forward. Readers will enjoy the quality of content to be inspired and educate themselves. Authors will benefit from highlighting their work and their networks.
To communicate with the staff, I invite you to visit our Contact page.

The Forums

Let’s meet on Forums to converse.

Other big part of our site is intended for the community. It establishes of several forums for mutual aid and sharing :

Each Forum contains “topics” where everyone meets to discuss, solve problems, share work … In the search bar you can quickly find what interests you via relevant keywords. As a member you are authorized to create a new topic of conversation if this one was not approached yet.

By creating your profile, you will have access to an integrated social network. A good way to become friends with other artists and perhaps future colleagues …

I hope I managed to illuminate some shadow zones as every good director of photography 😁